We decided to list our home on the market and we were strongly influenced by one of our close friends to hire Mary Wallace because she is the best! Plain and simple, Mary is top notch! She is by far one of the most outstanding Realtors we have dealt with. First off, we were definitely impressed with her portfolio, she is very organized and offered a lot of helpful tips throughout this process. We would just love to say that Mary is a go-getter from beginning to end. She really worked hard at marketing our home and bringing in a huge response of showings and also provided us feedback on every showing. She is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions and even offered her own advice when it came down to negotiations. She is very positive and takes charge of the situations that may arise. She was able to handle any hurdle that came her way and always kept us informed and up to speed. We really enjoyed working with Mary, she is very passionate about her work. We even used her office with the purchase of our new home and her team has also been a pleasure to work with.  Thank you again Mary!

Dennis & Deana Butt, Oak Lawn Home Sellers

Mary Wallace helped me sell a home which belonged to my parents. Her parents and mine knew each other from years back. Mary met my parents too, and briefly listed their home in 2007 (my Mom just wasn't ready to sell yet). I remember my Mom liking Mary. When I decided to sell and start looking for a Realtor, I found Mary's flyer at my parents home and figured it was fate. So I gave Mary a call, met her at their home and hired her to represent me. 
Mary's dedication, expertise, patience and willingness to help made a tremendous difference to me. She knows how to get things done. In a fussy housing market Mary was able to help me get a price I was happy with. I truly appreciate her services, advice and knowledge. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell property, especially in Oak Lawn. 
T. Shortt, Oak Lawn Home Seller

I want to thank you again for all your help, guidance and counsel during the entire process of listing, marketing and selling Mom and Dad's home.  You were the breath of fresh air in this entire matter.  We always trusted your judgment. When we spoke with Mom yesterday, after John called her, she was genuinely excited.  The sale of the house takes a huge load off her mind.  Also please give a big thanks to your assistant Adrianna for us as well, she was very helpful and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Warmest regards,
Ed & Penny Cafferata, Son-in-Law & Daughter of Mount Greenwood Home Sellers

Mary Wallace is truly great at what she does! Within 10 days we already had a contract (for basically asking price) on our condo and we had an average of one showing every other day. She answered all of our questions and was very helpful throughout the whole process. She really knew how to market our home and it definitely showed. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!! Thank you so much Mary!

Dustin & Jill Seeber, Oak Forest Condo Sellers

Mary Wallace was outstanding! I was referred to her through a co-worker who said she helped him sell his home, which was something he had been struggling to do for years. I called her up because I had several questions and was also very nervous about going through a short sale. Mary was able to meet me in person and help me through this process, and explain everything that could potentially happen thoroughly. She also had her assistant Bobby help me with numerous things, including my application for short sale approval. Mary was able to answer all my questions, and believe me I had a lot, in a timely manner. She was always upfront about possible outcomes and that meant a lot to me because you want to feel like you know somewhat what to expect in this process. The best part about Mary though is she gets the job done! I was able to have my short sale done in 3 months and I really don’t think that would have happened without all of Mary’s help and resources. She made a dream of mine to sell my home and live downtown possible, and I will always be grateful to her for that.  Her work and results speak for themselves and I would recommend her to anyone.

Thanks again for everything you have done for me!

Take care,

Brian, Oak Forest Home Seller

I am a realtor and originally listed my home with my own broker. I was moving out of state. I had to call my broker several times to remind her how to market a home as I was not getting any activity. I researched other realtors and companies whileI was overseas and found Mary. What a true Professional. I canceled my contract with my own company and hired Mary. Within 30 days I had a contract on my house and it closed in 6 weeks. Had I not moved out of Illinois, I would be working for Mary and her team. They are an amazing group with only their clients best interest at heart. 

Ann Marie Elgin, Tinley Park Home Seller

We wanted to extend our sincerest and most heart-felt thanks for everything you and Coldwell Banker did to assist in the sale of our home.  Overall, the process was rather smooth and we feel extremely fortunate to have sold our home under the circumstances that we did.  We were hundreds of miles away, unable to do much to assist in the process, and often felt like so much was out of our hands.  You went above and beyond to make sure our home was viewed and then sold.  We appreciated the trips you made to the house for us and the frequent contact you made to update us on the process. (Don't we still owe you money for having the water shut off???)  It is a great feeling of relief for us knowing that we can now proceed with our life elsewhere and that a new person will enjoy the home that was our first.  
Sincerest thanks, 

Nikki & Dustin Witty, Oak Lawn Home Sellers



Dear Mary,

     Thanks once again for all the effort you put into the sale of our Bridgeview home.  You were right beside us from the beginning.  Evaluating the price of what we thought that our house might sell for and what you suggested the price range might be based on many sound factors.  You were realistic in this area and did not want to mislead us or give us false expectations.

     You were there to help us in preparing for pictures.  We had to accept that what we were content with for years, may not be positive when perspective buyers were walking through our home looking at their potential home, not our stuff.  And the end result was that the pictures you took made the very rooms we lived in for some time, look like they were ready for the next owner.

    In all the years of your profession, you amassed a very defined way of judging the effect of putting one’s house on the market and the resulting data to go along with that.  You guided us through this part of the after listing process, and made suggestions accordingly.  This part definitely comes with experience.

   Once a potential buyer was found, your team focused on a lot of behind the scene activity with lawyers, bankers, and many, many other people who are involved with the proper legal, financial and physical aspects of buying and selling property.  Although you kept us informed along the way, I understood that you did not want to overstep or take for granted something that did not happen yet.  So, when another part of the process took place, you proceeded once again towards the closing process. 

   We believe that we made the best choice by listing with you and your firm   The end result, after looking back a few months now, was that we were in good hands from beginning to end. You made the whole experience as smooth as possible and we were certainly pleased with the outcome. 


Joe & Cherilyn Wiatr

Bridgeview Home Sellers & repeat clients who have bought and sold 4 homes through Mary. 



Thank you so much. Sometimes I can't believe how easy it was to sell the condo once we met. Everything went so smooth. The hardest part was the hour and a half drive from our home. We really felt like we not only had an agent but you became our friend.


Thanks for thinking of us at Christmas with the beautiful card with pictures of your family. I have it hanging in my study along with my other family cards.

Take care,

Sue Panko, Oak Lawn Condo Seller

After having my home listed for 6 months, I took a friends advise and called Mary who they had used to sell their Mother's home. She responded right away. I had 15 people go through the house the first 6 months [with my first Realtor]. When I listed with Mary, I had 15 people in the first 2 weeks and 3 contracts come in in that last weekend. She said it is all in the marketing. Mary and her team were great. I received feedback after every showing . She really knows the market and how to get the job done.

Pamela Polcar, Crestwood Home Seller

I need to take a few moments to offer some comments about Mary Wallace.  Simply put, Mary is the BEST Realtor!  My wife and I know this because we have had our house up for sale for the majority of the last five years.  We had hired seven other agents from all the different real estate companies and have allowed them all to tell us where we needed to be pricewise.  We have used seven different marketing plans, seven different selling strategies, and never got one valid offer.  We were 'the house that would not sell'.  We did our research before hiring everyone and made sure we got agents with proven results in this economy, but for some reason our house still stumped everyone.  Finally we were referred to Mary from our daughter's boyfriend who went to school with Mary.  After checking out Mary's website (which is VERY user friendly), we interviewed with Mary and decided to make her agent number eight.  From the very beginning, Mary was confident and upfront with us.  She told us the price we needed to be at and took some AMAZING pictures of the house with her wide-angle lens camera.  We truly believe those pictures made a difference.  We began getting more showings from the get-go, and after five years we finally got the offer that we had been waiting for.  We just recently closed the deal and are so relieved to finally be rid of the albatross of 'the house that would not sell'.  Mary won the un-winnable game, she sold the un-sellable house.  Thank you Mary!  We truly appreciate your efforts, including your responsiveness to all our calls and emails for information.  Your front office staff is SO helpful and so are you!  I will recommend Mary to anyone needing a Realtor. 
Tom & Penny Fabian, Burbank Home Sellers

Mary was great to work with! We sold our town home and made a great purchase on a single family home! Easy to work with and knowledgable!

Brian & Annie Perveneckis, Lombard Town Home Sellers & Downers Grove Home Buyers

Mary sold my home in 12 days and we received full asking price, minus some help we provided with closing costs.


Abby Malloy, Oak Lawn Home Seller

Mary helped me and my wife find a home fast. She listened to what we wanted and never wasted our time


Phil and Kathy Warning, Worth Home Buyers

Mary was a great help to us. I highly recommend her!


Kathy & Marty O'Connor, Repeat Clients. Home Buyers & Seller in Palos Heights

Mary helped my husband and I purchase our first home and was always willing to show us as many houses as we were interested in. It took 8 months and over 75 showings, and she was with us every step of the way. I highly recommend Mary for all your realtor needs.


Kiera Vizza & Ryan Milligan, Orland Park Home Buyers

Mary is a Real Estate ROCK STAR!!! She helped us list & sell our families home during a very difficult time. Our mom had had a stroke, and as a result we were told she would need living assistance for her remaining time with us. Living out of state, Mary was able to list the home & get a buyer with very little effort on our part. We were able to get mom through her time in a rehab facility, physical therapy at home & dissolve then household in a timely fashion, while all the way "holding our hand"


Sandy White, Oak Lawn Home Seller

Four years ago Mary sold my condo in one week for asking price.We then found a foreclosure house in Tinley Park for a steal. We thought that was our dream house . At the time it was perfect in every way. In the past four years we were able to remodel it only to find our growing family made it very crowded. Selling was very hard decision because we absolutely loved our house. As a family we decided to put it up for sale for higher than Mary suggested to see if we could get any bites. For the next two months Mary said we were being unrealistic. Yes we were because in our hearts we werent ready to move. We loved our house, but outgrew it.  

With Mary's constant counseling and guidance we decided we were ready to move to a bigger and better house. We dropped our asking price and our house sold within two weeks.  We were able to make a $50,000 profit on our house thanks to Mary's guidance. We bought another big, beautiful, move in ready forrester style house in foreclosure in Tinley Park. 

We sold our home and bought the new house for same amount of $220,000. We tripled our square footage (not including the full basement) and quadrupled our land. We never have to move again until retirement. There is no outgrowing this house!!!

We all love our new house and are so happy Mary guided and prayed for us along the way. As much as we loved our old house, we could never imagine living in it now. Everyday my husband or the kids tell me how much they love our new home and how much they don't miss our old house.

We thank you so much Mary for all your guidance, knowledge, counseling and just the push, because we wouldn't have anything without you and Mike. We appreciate everything you and Mike have done for us. You two are truly the best Realtor and Mortgage Banker team. I tell everyone I know to go your way. They are fools to go any other way.

If they want profit when they sell and savings when they buy, they need to use both of your services! You both go above and beyond to help your clients. Scott, the kids and I appreciate everything you do and did.

Thank you again!

Cynthia Hazzard and Scott Abrams, Tinley Park Home Sellers & Buyers

Mary is a Realtor who knows the market and the area. Mary was great to work with when selling my home! 

She kept me informed throughout the entire process, letting me know how showings went, etc. I had previously listed with another agent from a different company and the house sat on the market for several months with not very many showings. When my cousin recommended Mary, I called her right away. She helped get my house sold in no time. I would highly recommend her to anyone selling or buying a home, she's excellent!

J, Home Seller

We loved working with Mary and her team! After many months of looking in this horrific market, Mary helped us find our dream home. Mary goes above and beyond and I would definitely use her again and would highly recommend her...I already have;)

Dennis & Julie Kasprowicz, Darien Home Buyers

Mary is awesome, very helpful from staging the house to the final sale. Her photos made the house look great and she always responded to our calls in a timely manner. Working with her was such a pleasure that we called her to handle the sale of our parents house. When it came time to purchase our new home she referred us to a member of her team who was equally helpful and a pleasure to work with as well.
As the Home Appraiser said to me"Mary Wallace owns Oak Lawn!"

Dennis & Maddy Straple, Oak Lawn Home Sellers

Living in Arizona and selling a house in Illinois sounds like a chore, but Mary made it easy. Thanks!

Bill Wagner, Oak Lawn Condo Seller

Mary was always very helpful and accesible.

Julie Hayes, Oak Lawn Condo Buyer

Mary sold my home in a tough market for a price I was very happy with and she helped me find a new place. She is great to work with, always available, and she knows the area better than any other realtor.

Ali Khalifa, Oak Lawn Townhouse Seller & has bought several properties with Mary

Mary helped my wife and I purchase our new home and sell our condo. Mary made the entire process smooth and stress-free, and I always recommend her services to friends and family who are looking to buy or sell their properties

Tony Dotts & Julie Van Ness, Orland Park Condo Sellers & Homer Glen Home Buyers

From the moment Mary set foot into our home until it sold 9 weeks later, we knew we had an intelligent, hardworking realtor working for us. We have recommended Mary to two Oak Lawn friends and they both contacted Mary and she sold their homes also. They were as pleased with Mary as we were. Mary and her team are awesome!

Sue & Bob Giltmier, Oak Lawn Home Sellers

Mary Wallace is a fantastic realtor! 

John & Janice Fitzgibbons, Oak Lawn Home Sellers

mary did a terrific job of helping us get our home ready for sale and then finding a buyer for it. I was very impressed with her and her work.

Martin Terpstra, Oak Lawn Condo Seller

Mary was wonderful to work with in buying our first home after having had a terrible experience with our first realtor. As a Chicago-area transplant unfamiliar with the surrounding suburbs, Mary was a great asset to have to navigate and recommend different areas based upon our needs and lifestyle. We found the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood thanks to Mary and her team!

Jessica Swaysland- Egan & Kevin Egan, Naperville Home Buyers

Mary Wallace is a wonderful agent she sold our home at a great price and got through a difficult deal she was right on top of everything very smart. We would highly recommend her.

Dale & Nick Zimmer, Oak Lawn Home Sellers & Palos Park Home Buyers

Mary was knowledgeable about Oak Lawn, engendered confidence that she would sell the house in a timely fashion.
Reports and feedback about showings were ongoing, keeping me up to date. She was honest about market conditions, which I appreciated, and very personable.

Carolee Shudnow, Oak Lawn Home Seller

Mary helped us sell a home which had been on the market for over two years and other realtors were unsuccessful with. Her dedication and expertise made a tremendous difference to our family. In a bad housing market Mary was able to help us get a price we were happy with, and we appreciate her services and would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell property.

The Konczyk Family, Oak Lawn Home Sellers


Mary was very positive and easy to talk to!! I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling their home.

Stephanie Polewski & Tony Stevens, Alsip Home Buyers


Mary Wallace is the smartest agent I ever met and the hardest working. In my opinion that's why she is so successful--strict attention to detail and excellent follow through. Mary is terrific. Albert Henry.


Albert Henry, Palos Heights Home Seller

Mary has excellent knowledge of the market in the Oak Lawn area. We were able to sell our home in one and a half weeks and had more than one offer. We believe Mary's knowledge of the market ensured that our home was priced to sell. Mary is very easy to work, the closing was completed with no issues.

Paul & Janet Cahill, Oak Lawn Home Sellers

This was a challenging sale because of the nature of the house and the fact that I live in another state. The house had been listed for 6 months with another realtor and I never got any feedback from the showings and no offers. After listing with Mary, I received timely updates and reports from the showings and was able to make adjustments based on the feedback. The house sold in a little under 3 months.

Joanne Bartkus, Oak Lawn Home Seller

Mary Wallace did a great job from start to finish regarding the sale of my property. I appreciate her efforts to ensure that my house was listed at the best possible price.

Rolly Reinhardt, Evergreen Park Home Seller

Was great in helping us through a sold sale on an underwater property

Kevin & Kelly Walker, Oak Forest Condo Sellers

Well rounded agent. Mary gave helpful staging tips (that I followed) that got my condo sold pretty quickly in a tough market.
Annamarie Hellman, Crestwood Condo Seller

Mary was so helpful when buying our home. Being pushed for time, Mary worked diligently to find us exactly what we wanted and in less than 3 months. Mary found houses before they were listed publicly which allowed for us to have first dibs on an offer. Mary was also flexible with her schedule and met us wherever and whenever to show us listings. We ended up buying a house that was listed for $50,000 more than we closed on. The sellers were reluctant, but Mary negotiated with them using other listings and documents to "prove" our offer. After numerous offers and counter offers, we honestly thought that the house was a out of the question, but Mary knew otherwise. She advised us to give it a week and felt confident that they would come around. They did and we could not be happier with our home. Thank you Mary for helping us finding OUR home!

Jackie & Jason Orozco, Mount Greenwood Home Buyers

Mary helped us sell my parents home which we inherited. We decided on a fair market price based on the comparables she researched and presented. Because of Mary's excellent marketing strategies we sold in less than a week and for over asking price! I highly recommend Mary.

Barbara & Roy Fransen, Chicago Home Sellers

Mary was very professional , the whole process of buying a home from start to finish went very smooth. Couldn't be happier. Thank you

Valerie & Jason Sobbe, Homer Glen Home Buyers

Mary is excellent is many aspects. She knows her business and market really well and had my home sold within just a few weeks of it being on the market. She knows what she's doing and it shows in her many awards, recognitions, and sales. She would be the first realtor I would recommend.

Michael & Stephanie Pensinger, Burbank Home Sellers

Mary was a fantastic agent! She was very aggressive with marketing our home. We were under contract in less than a week! She did everything to make our home selling process go as smoothly as possible!

Bethany & Michael Smolarek, Mount Greenwood Home Sellers


I would like to thank you for your professional and competent behavior in the selling of our home.  I especially appreciated that every question or phone call was answered......if not immediately,  then always in less than an hour.  After hearing many horror stories regarding unresponsive Realtors,  that was a pleasant experience.   When we tell people that you sold our home in only 17 days,  people are shocked.   Obviously your program works.

Linda & Jerry Kemper, Oak Lawn Home Sellers

Mary was able to sell my house in this difficult market and she was always available by phone when needed to answer any questions I may have had. Her staff was wonderful and very thorough and helpful. Mary was confident and upfront with us.  She told us the price we needed to be at to get the home sold. Her process of saturating the market was tremendous and it got my house sold in a very short amount of time.  The photos that were taken were of great quality and really helped show off my house and all the work that was done to potential buyers. Long story short she made the daunting process of selling my house a real breeze.  If you want to sell your home, Go with Mary!  You will not be disappointed! 
Jeff Smith, Oak Lawn Home Seller

"Mary was our realtor in the Spring of 2012 when we wanted a house for our growing family. She was such a great help guiding us on where and how to look for houses. She diligently made appointments and showings for us, and would try to accommodate our schedule as best as possible. She made us feel like her most important client, and any questions we had she was able to answer right away. When we did find our new house, Mary helped us through the entire bidding and buying process with our interests first. We ended getting the house, and have been incredibly happy every since.

Mary was also able to help rent out our Hometown house. She did a great job setting up showings and getting us clients to rent. The process was simplified by Mary and her associates to make our job as easy as possible.

We highly recommend working with Mary Wallace for any real estate needs!"

Jason & Shelley Jobb, Oak Lawn Home Buyers

Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance.  I love everything about my new home!  Thank you for helping me take the time to find the place that was a perfect fit.  I am proud to say that I bought a condo from you and will always recommend you.  

Thank you!

Margaret McNicholas, Oak Lawn Condo Buyer

Dear Mary:

You were terrific throughout the whole selling process, and Joanne and I very much appreciated your guidance. You knew more about the market dynamics for Palos Heights and my mother’s house than anyone we met the whole time we were involved in selling it. Please use my name as a reference if you wish to do so. Thanks again and best wishes for the future. If you are ever in Florida, please call us.


Al & Joanne Henry, Palos Heights Home Sellers

We had a wonderful experience with Mary as our Realtor. She helped my husband and I navigate this crazy housing market as two first-time homebuyers. She not only listened to our wants and needs in a house, but gave us feedback to find the place that made the most sense for us long-term. She is great at what she does and after day one I felt comfortable with her. After having a bad experience with our first Realtor in the city, I only spoke on the phone with Mary for twenty minutes and knew she was the right fit for us. Being a first-time home buyer can be a daunting task. One needs the expertise, advice, and compassion Mary offers. She listened and offered advice when necessary. She truly helped us get through the tough decisions and make this experience fun. After looking through many houses we were at the end of our rope not sure what we were going to find. Our home came on the market and right away after we visited we knew it was "the one." We put an offer in that day. She was very calming and explained the process to us. She answered all of our questions up to and throughout the closing. She was truly only a phone call away. I would recommend Mary to friends, family, and those I do not know. She is great at what she does and truly loves working with people. She has a gift and we were glad to have someone like her on our team when purchasing our first home.

James &  Joleen Kirchens, Garfield Ridge Home Buyers


My husband and I have been wanting to move for years.  We didn't think that the market was good enough to sell our townhouse and get into a single family home.  Mary was recommended by a friend as being the best Realtor in Oak Lawn.  It was no exaggeration. She came to our townhouse and gave us straight forward and honest feedback.  She helped us decide the best path for my family.  Mary helped us step by step to find a mortgage lender, a beautiful single family home, and a renter for our townhouse. All the papers were signed within 3 months and we were moved and settled into our new home.  Mary was never more than a phone call away to answer all our questions. She is extremely nice and makes you feel very comfortable. I have already let all my friends and family know who to go to if they every need to move and she made our Christmas card list...Thanks Mary!!!!

Dylan & Jessica Shaughnessy, Frankfort Home Buyers

Thanks Mary --- we appreciate the excellent, and tireless, work you did to market the home --- I’m going to recommend you to all my Oak Lawn friends!                                     

Jim Devries, Oak Lawn Home Seller

"After extensive work at selling our Oak Lawn Condo, we were quickly losing hope of moving our growing family into a new home due to the crumbling economy, we thought we had exhausted all options. Through both mutual friends and online research we decided to reach out to Mary. Needless to say, it was the best decision we could have made. Within that very first meeting Mary was able to present us with several options we had not explored. Not only were we able to get an incredible deal in this buyer's market, but we were able to find a tenant and are now successfully renting out our condo with fresh dreams for the future and a residual income to boot! Imagine our happiness when this entire process from first meeting took only 60 days! Thank you Mary, and staff, for all that you do!"

Jason & Amanda VanCauwenberge, Oak Lawn Home Buyers

Mary was referred to my husband and I through a mutual friend who said “Mary is the best around”. I couldn’t agree more. Mary and her team not only helped us sell our condo in a overpopulated market and economic recession, but she also helped us find and buy a beautiful home. She was with us through the entire process making sure we were making the right decisions. The thing I love about Mary is that she is honest. She never once sugar coated anything and really let us know her opinion when we asked her for direction. Mary and her team are also extremely knowledegable which we have learned is VERY important when buying or selling a home. I learned so much through this process thanks to Mary and her team. I would recommend Mary to anyone who wants to buy or sell their home…she is called The Best for a reason. Thanks Mary!

Kari and Joe Cappetto, Crestwood Condo Sellers & Mokena Home Buyers


Thanks again for you assistance with selling Mom's house. You were absolutely terrific and my family thanks you.

Paul Cichowski, Oak Lawn Home Seller

As a first time homebuyer, Mary helped ease my hesitations and worry every step of the way. I was unsure if I was ready to buy or could make it work, but she helped me realize it was not as hard or intimidating at it seems. She was there to explain every process and helped me choose the perfect home. Although she has countless clients, she always made me feel like I was the only buyer she was working with.  Even now, a year later, her office is there to assist with new homeowner questions about taxes, insurance, and associations. Buying with Mary and her amazing team made purchasing my first home a stress free and enjoyable process.
Thank you, Mary!
Sabrina Dubik, Oak Lawn Condo Buyer

We first met Mary Wallace through our son and daughter-in-law when they used her to find their first home in Oak Lawn.  We called on her the following year to help sell my father-in-law's condo in Oak Lawn.  When it came for me and my husband to sell our house this past year there was no doubt who we were going to use as our real estate agent.
Mary came to us with so much great information regarding comparable home sales in our neighborhood.  She then advised us what we should do to get it ready before we put it on the market.  She took pictures of our home that were far better than any you will see on the internet. They were so professional that we still have them on our computer in our new house.  We recently referred Mary to our friends and she sold their house in about three weeks!  Mary is the kind of person you need in times like this when it is so hard to sell.  Mary and her staff at Coldwell Banker will be there for you as a friend as well as a professional agent that she is.  
Mary, thank you again for all that you have done and we wish you the best!
Wayne and Barbara Wise, Oak Lawn Seller

Mary was recommended by an acquaintance who said she can sell anything.  After my experience with Mary and her team, I found that she lived up to that reputation.  Mary provided me with current info on the market, plenty of excellent marketing ideas, and generated buyer traffic.  I was so surprised that my condo sold in such a short period of time especially considering the present economy.  I will definitely recommend Mary to my friends and family members.  Thank you again for your friendly, professional, and competent services.

Jane Capista, Tinley Park Condo Seller

My wife and I were just beginning our home search when we received an advertisement in the mail from Mary Wallace's office. The timing was perfect. Knowing Mary since our days in high school, and the reputation she has built for herself, I was excited to get in contact with her. Not only did Mary help us close the deal on our new home in Homer Glen, but she also worked very hard to help us sell our condominium in Orland Park. I constantly recommend the services of Mary Wallace to those who are looking to buy/sell their homes.
Tony Dotts & Julie VanNess, Orland Park Condo Sellers & Homer Glen Home Buyers

Mary Wallace is a miracle worker when it comes to selling condos.  I had my condominium listed with several other very well respected realtors.  No one provided me the service Mary did.

Mary advised me of any complications there could be with the financing of prospective buyers.  She offered advisement how we could work through these issues in a problematic environment for condo sales.  Mary gave me rational advise for  improvements and updates  to sell the condominium in this competitive market full of foreclosures.  She did not recommend any updates that were not necessary.  She even offered reasonably priced cleaning services and contractors to accomplish these updates. 

Her website is spectacular.  Her pictures displayed the condominium with its most attractive attributes and advantageous.  Mary targeted the right market and found a buyer.

My friends and family marveled at her accomplishments and ability to sell the condominium at an acceptable price.  I would recommend Mary’s services to anyone.

Ann Doorhy, Oak Lawn Condo Seller


As a first-time buyer, I was very nervous about the process of searching for and purchasing a new home. I had very little knowledge about the methods and procedures, and anxious that I may make critical mistakes. Mary helped me through the transition with ease. She personally handled any concern, worked patiently with me until I was certain in my decisions, and even followed up with me after the sale was complete to assure my every need was met. Mary gave me piece of mind and made the entire process exciting and enjoyable. Professionalism and customer satisfaction are her top priorities!

Jennifer Crum, Oak Lawn Condo Buyer


Thanks to Mary and her team for all their hard work selling our Oak Lawn condo. After having our condo on the market for several months with two other agents, we were referred to Mary Wallace and her reputation spoke for itself. We were able to sell our condo in a market that nobody else could, as a non MLS listing! Mary and her team were available 24/7 and that dedication also helped us find our new house. It was our first time selling and Mary took the time to explain everything and answer every question we had, making it incredibly easy on us. She continues to offer advice and help us with any real estate questions that we have. Mary had recently suggested that we appeal our 2010 cook county taxes for our new house and made a great referral to help us, that advice ended up cutting our tax bill by 24%. We would refer anyone to use Mary when buying or selling, she has definitely gone above and beyond for us.

Christine and Jim Dote, Oak Lawn Condo Sellers & Orland Park Home Buyers 

Good Afternoon Mary,

Just a note to thank you for all that you've done to help me sell my home this year! I found you to be very professional, knowledgeable and helpful during this process. I know this is a difficult market but through your unending assistance and dedication my closing was a success today and I could not be happier!! You are truly the best Realtor I could have ever asked for. Should I find myself in the market for a new home in the future I will definitely contact you again. Best of luck to you in the future Mary, I'm sure you will continue to be a success in your chosen field.

Peggy Ellian, Home Seller in Burbank, Illinois


Thanks for all your help and guidance throughout the process.  My respect for your business acumen was reassuring as a seller in this very difficult real estate climate.  Hope 2010 continues to be a stellar year for you and your team.

Joy & Frank Meitz, Home Sellers in Oak Lawn, Illinois

"Brian and I didn't know Mary at all before deciding to switch Realtors in hopes of finding a house after a long 5 months of trying and 4 offers lost with our first Realtor.  After just two trips out to look at houses we found "the house" thanks to Mary.  Not only did Brian and I find the first house we would buy as a young couple but Mary helped us negotiate and worked tirelessly to ensure we got our first house for a steal! It didn't end there, upon closing, Mary was kind enough to share her vendor contacts with us.  One month after closing and finally getting settled, I still feel comfortable to call Mary with any home issues we encounter.  I can't wait until we get to use Mary again for our next home purchase!!"

Brian & Sarah Kuhn, Home Buyers in Orland Park, Illinois

I've worked with Mary both for renting and selling my home.  She listens to my needs and uses her extensive knowledge of the real estate market to find a deal that works for me.  She is professional, organized and very easy to work with.  I strongly recommend working with Mary and her team at Coldwell Banker.
Jamie Redwick, Condo Seller in Oak Lawn, Illinois


THANK YOU!!   THANK YOU!!!   THANK YOU!!!   I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much for everything!!   You have no idea what a worry this has been.   I now can just concentrate on my new granddaughter who is about to be born any day now and my new life with my new husband.
Laura Mulcahy (Carlson), Condo Seller in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Hi Mary,

Thanks for all your help. We are glad the sale of the 2 flat is complete. It was a pleasure to work with you!

Irma Sharp, Multi-Unit Seller in Chicago, IL 

"My husband and I were searching for our first house which is a daunting task by itself.  But we needed to live near his job which was in unfamiliar territory for us, causing more stress from the very beginning.  Mary didn’t hesitate and jumped right in, looking for the perfect house outside of her usual market.  Almost immediately she had presented us with several strong contenders – so strong, in fact, that we decided to buy a house almost a year earlier than planned.  Mary took our wish list and instantly found us our dream home, in the exact price range and location we requested.  She traveled nearly an hour each way more than once to allow us view our home whenever necessary, and she patiently answered each and every question we had as first-time home buyers.  Finding your dream home is one thing, but purchasing it is another – Mary gave us all the tools we needed to make our dream a reality.  She put us in touch with a fabulous home inspector who gave us the peace of mind we needed, and she linked us with a fantastic lawyer that ironed out all the legalities and allowed us to move forward without fear.  And, most importantly, Mary led us to an excellent mortgage broker who answered all of our many questions and worked with us daily to ensure a fast and secure closing.  We had such a wonderful experience and recognize how lucky we are to have found Mary.  She was the glue that held everything together and stuck with us until the end, not only through the closing, but also checking in with us after to make sure we were truly settled and happy.  We would recommend her highly to anyone, new home-buyers or experienced veterans, as she has so much to bring to the table – her enthusiasm, knowledge and strong skill-set make her an excellent Realtor!"  

Kristen & Jason Vorrier, Home Buyers in Shorewood, Illinois

My husband and I would like to thank you so much for helping us in our search for our first home! You spent an incredible amount of time searching for us and showing us just about every house you could, until we finally found the house we loved! Through the closing process you were extremely helping in assisting us with referrals and expertise that made the process incredibly smooth. You have also been of even more assistance since purchasing our home with referrals and updates on whats going on in our community! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, its people like you who make the world go round!

Anthony and Rachel McClellan, Home Buyers in Oak Lawn, Illinois

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